• To develop infrastructure in the field of Information Technology.

  • To employ people with talent and having clear vision in the field of I.T. Industry.

  • To develop business as software developers, BPOs, I.T. Training Institute, Call centers and all I.T. related businesses and product based develpment to give best opportunity in the campus proposed in Gujarat.

  • To create I.T. awarness at grass root level co-ordinate businesses.

  • Group company has a plan to develop in different service and infrastructure sector such as Hospitality Industry.

  • Stock related terminals business (Shares and Commodity) Estate and building development.

Research and Development

The visionary MD of the co. Shree Naresh Bhojwani in the field of new ventures in construction developed the best sites in ahmedabad with all possible qualitative norms and structural designs so his all buildings in ahmedabad apreiciated by its users and industry tycoons it may be a housing / commercial / industrial and common. The best example of the quality conciseness is that in earth quake in 2001 non of the building made any threat of life to the occupiers of such complexes and no damage done to it the same way the MD of the company once to put up R & D department for Info Co. which should give the best chance to searchers in the field and quality conciseness people will always give the best.