Technical Strength

Company is in progress to tie up experts in the field of I.T. Industry to develop best of the best latest technology and infrastructure to compete with the industry and gain the best position in the new SMEs. To name the plural way hence with this side we offer

U 2 + us with UR future vision.

Space / location

The company’s basic site is located in the heart of the city of Ahmedabad with ample facilities of space available with all amenities. The area is the best in west Ahmedabad called Nehrunagar where company is located. The proposed spaces above 0.2 million square feet.

Other Objects

The company has the object to co-ordinate other I.T. Companies in its complex / campus to boost I.T. sector under one roof. The Co. will provide all facilities relocated to I.T. Business at very reasonable rate. Hence the object is very clear we will come all of U connected with I.T.